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Feb 25, 2009

Pelosi Is In Behind Her Puppet President with $420 Billion

Pelosi claims, "By completing the appropriations bills that the previous Administration delayed, and by rejecting the deep cuts affecting our children, our workers, and our economy that President Bush proposed, Congress can now focus its full attention on the pressing challenges facing our nation. In this legislation, and because of the condition of our economy and the financial crisis, Congress also rejected a cost of living increase for Members for next year.

At no point could the "previous administration" have delayed or rejected any budget since 2006. If Chairwoman Pelosi wanted to make cuts, all she needed to so is not include more spending. She crafted the 2007 Supplemental Appropriations herself.

Rejecting a cost-of-living sounds good until you know first that it is a miniscule part of the budget and most have not gotten a cost-of-living raise in ten years.

Chairwoman Pelosi Said, “The American people expect bold and rapid action that will create jobs and strengthen our economy for the long-term, reform our health care system to reduce costs and increase coverage, move our nation toward energy independence and a green economy, and modernize education to foster innovation and competitiveness in the global economy."

The Budget is a "stimulus bill," too? Would that some of this money be used to move the US toward energy independence. Chairwoman Pelosi has opposed drilling for natural gas and oil at every turn. We went from being a net exporter of those in 1973 to a net importer. There is not going to be a replacement for vehicle fuels anytime soon. Biofuels cost more energy to produce than the energy they produce.

This is yet another pork barrel device for the Democratic Party to make payoffs to those who contributed to the Democratic Party. The Dmocrats are already notifying Districts whose representatives did not vote for ARRA that there are going to be military base closings.

Chairwoman Pelosi, “As Americans have seen since President Obama took office just five weeks ago, Congress has already taken major actions on each of those issues. We look forward to continuing to work with President Obama to make our shared vision of a renewed America a reality.”

Yes, Chairwoman Pelosi has been pulling the strings and the policy has come out of the President's mouth. Her policies were formed even before the elections were complete, with the vision she has shared with him.

Of course, this Budget cannot be paid for by the "rich," if there are any left in this economy. If you took all the earnings from the "rich," then you could not pay for even 5% of the budget. It is the middle income people who create the wealth which Chairwoman Pelosi is spending.

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