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Nov 26, 2010

You Be The TSA Officer

You are an Officer of the Transportation Security Administration. The people in these 12 pictures are boarding. You can select four of the 12 pictures of people not to search. Give me the numbers of the four pictures you allow to opt out.

Daniel Yeager, a professor at California Western school of law, says airport body searches would violate the 4th Amendment if they were done in a different setting. But case law says airports are "special needs" places where safety requirements override constitutional guarantees.

“The rules are somewhat relaxed so that the government’s mission of making air travel safe can be affected, without being hamstrung by probable cause and warrant requirements,” said Yeager.

Several judges have written that the guarantee of rights should not turn the Constitution into a "suicide pact."

But there is a point on which both Yeager and Tyner agree. This relates to the question of whether a passenger’s decision to travel by air means that they’ve consented to be searched… that they have voluntarily relinquished their 4th Amendment rights.

Nov 15, 2010

Insight Into The Thinking of An Obama Zombie

For those of you who have not heard of this slang term before, the Urban Dictionary has a definition.

Urban Dictionary-Obama Zombie:

One who has political beliefs motivated by social image. One who refuses to make political decisions independent of the media. Obama Zombies present themselves as very political.

Jill is an Obama Zombie. She threw out her Lysol spray and bought expensive eco-friendly cleaner. Now she doesn't feel guilty. She has one Che Guevara shirt, one Obama shirt, and one Gandhi shirt, all three made in China.

"A Gallup poll says that President Obama’s approval rating was at an all-time low. Gallup said that they surveyed over 90,000 Americans for this one poll. I mean, where was I when they were calling people about President Obama? The survey said that only 44 percent of us approve of President Obama’s performance. Well, I surveyed nine of my friends, and eight of them said they liked Obama but didn’t trust Gallup polls. As far as I’m concerned, Obama’s doing the best job he knows how, and it’s good enough for me."

While I will not claim Andy Rooney is the only Obama Zombie, or even the average one, but he may be an exemplar of one. The idea that someone is "doing the best job he knows how," is okay for a student struggling in school, but for a President it is not "good enough."

Obama is an intelligent man, but being satisfied with a mediocre performance is not a realistic option. There is no short bus sitting in front of the White House.

Regarding the polls, it is hard to believe Gallup surveyed 90,000 Americans who vote since a typical survey includes less than 2,000.

Assuming all have a phone, the chance of Rooney getting a call is one in 3444.  If we restricted this to the 131 million voters, Rooney had a one in 1455 chance of being called. If he is unlisted, we can also say he had no chance of being contacted.

Ignoring the opinions of the majority of voters is okay for Democrats and "progressives," but it is not okay in a nation that began with a commitment to the "consent of the governed."

Nov 13, 2010

Abraham Lincoln on weighing the preponderance between evil and good.

The true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it;but whether it have more of evil, than of good.There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good. Almost every thing,especially of governmental policy, is an inseparable compound of the two; so that our best judgment of the preponderance between them is continually demanded.

Speech in the House of Representatives(20 June 1848)


Republican Leaders in the Senate & House

Senator/ Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's official YouTube channel The official YouTube channel of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
Senator Jim DeMint's Official YouTube Account Following the November elections in 2006, the senator stood up against big spenders in Congress and stopped over 10,000 wasteful pork projects. Famed Washington journalist Robert Novak called him a "hero."He was recently ranked as the Senate's most conservative member by National Journal and as the No. 1 senator voting for responsible tax and spending policies by the National Taxpayers Union. DeMint understands the greatness of a country is found in its people and values, not in its government
Republican Leader of the House, John Boehner House Republican Leader and a staunch opponent of pork-barrel politics, John is fighting to eliminate wasteful spending, create jobs, and balance the federal budget without raising taxes. He has challenged Republicans in the 111th Congress to be not just the party of “opposition,” but the party of better solutions to the challenges facing the American people. Under the new House GOP leadership team John leads, House Republicans have formed “solutions groups” to develop principled alternatives on the issues that matter most to American families and small businesses, and launched the GOP State Solutions project, an initiative aimed at bringing reform-minded Republicans at the state and federal levels together to promote common-sense solutions from outside the Beltway.

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