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Nov 26, 2010

You Be The TSA Officer

You are an Officer of the Transportation Security Administration. The people in these 12 pictures are boarding. You can select four of the 12 pictures of people not to search. Give me the numbers of the four pictures you allow to opt out.

Daniel Yeager, a professor at California Western school of law, says airport body searches would violate the 4th Amendment if they were done in a different setting. But case law says airports are "special needs" places where safety requirements override constitutional guarantees.

“The rules are somewhat relaxed so that the government’s mission of making air travel safe can be affected, without being hamstrung by probable cause and warrant requirements,” said Yeager.

Several judges have written that the guarantee of rights should not turn the Constitution into a "suicide pact."

But there is a point on which both Yeager and Tyner agree. This relates to the question of whether a passenger’s decision to travel by air means that they’ve consented to be searched… that they have voluntarily relinquished their 4th Amendment rights.

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