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Feb 17, 2009

The Natives Are Restless

About 30 million immigrants are in the US. Of those, about 12 million are illegal. Of those, about 7 million are employed.

We are spending $786 billion on the ARRA just to retrieve 3 to 4 million jobs, according to those who voted for and passed that law into effect. We are morgaging the future of my great grandchildren to pay for likely less than half of those jobs taken by illegal immigrants.

Unlike most, I do not want to boot out our illegal immigrants, but plenty are getting very frustrated by the influx going on unabated.

Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PiƱo, D-Albuquerque, has introduced a joint memorial that would put the state Legislature on record as supporting federal immigration reform.

However, he also also condems groups like the Minutemen Project, which used civilians to monitor the border, saying "extremist groups that advocate bigotry or racism, armed citizen response or vigilantism in any form subvert the democratic process and fundamental values of the United States."

In a nation that needs jobs and has problems with security at the borders, it seems to me there are some worthwhile jobs to be created that beef up that security and give us an accounting of who partakes of the feast.

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