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Feb 28, 2009

Newt Gingrich Analysis of "Obama's" Big Government Plan

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich takes apart President Obama's ''big government'' plan to save the economy. I have to disagree with Gingrich in calling this Obama's plan. Perhaps he dare not define the President as a puppet of Pelosi.

The GOP is like a Marine with an automatic shooting at a 25 yard machinegun target. In this case, the Democratic Party is painting themselves with a bullseye and hoping everyone forgets who voted for this spending by 2010.

The problem is the Democrats has confused this sacrifice of future generations as a map for the future. If it is, they have the North side of the map pointing at the floor.

Newt Gingrich is very respectful of President Obama's abilities in this feature in terms of integrity, focus, and success. He says the President is a left wing advocate who genuinely believes in big government as a solution to America's problems rather than the private sector.

However, it would be a mistake to believe Newt Gingrich is not skeptical of this spending. Essentially, Gingrich is saying pieces of the budget are do-able. He says over it is a higher tax, weaker economy, job-killing budget that dramatically increases the power of government.

He says the $600 billion in energy taxes are a job killer. That tells us that those taxes will hamper business (means of production) recovery.

Gingrich deserves six minutes of your time to give a listen. His comments are cogent, open minded, and considerate of President Obama's perspective.

The government controlling schools and banks is like the way they run the U.S. Post Office and the Treasury. Personally, I would rather have FedEx delivering my medicine and Bill Gates of Microsoft running our Treasury.

How can you have a $3.5 Trillion Budget and claim you are going to cut the Deficit? This is a claim worthy of the Gobbels Award For Public Enlightenment.

How can taxing the "rich" who are only 1.5% of the population, provide the $533 billion reduction in deficits? How can you have reductions by removing troops from Iraq when you are going to reroute them to Afghanistan?

Gingrich is in agreement with much of the words President Obama uses. What is disturbing is the gap berween the rhetoric and the reality of the education reform and earmarks. The bill takes away school choice and has over 8,000 earmarks. Gingrich's estimate is lower than some other sources.

I think the six minutes that the video takes of him speaking is a good investment of your time.

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