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Mar 14, 2009

Why the "Employee Free Choice Act" is not for Employees or Free Choice

The spectacular productivity of this nation has been sapped by the $70 an hour wages of the auto and steel workers unions. That has made them unable to compete inside our own nation. Why a car maker/worker in Detroit should get twice what my mechanic in Portland gets in wages and salaries I will never understand.

The collapse of the car makers led to the collapse of the housing market in terms of mortgage loans. The collapse of the mortgage loans lead to the collapse of the housing industry and the credit industry. The collaps of the housing is leading to double digit unemployment.

Now the Unions want to usurp more workers' power, ruin more of the economy, and take more power by sidelining their secret ballots. The "Card Check" system will allow some union terrorist to extract signatures rather than restrict decisions to a secret ballot. Some brother Teamster will meet you in the parking lot to sign the paper.

The claims that the "Employee Free Choice Act," are from unions who have seen their power collapse, not because fewer can chose unions, but because those who do have lost their jobs.

The highest and best mission of the unions was to improve worker conditions and protect their natural rights. They are ignoring that and have focused on wages and benefits. In doing that, our nation's workers have gone from employed at $40 per hour to unemployed at $70 per hour.

This is about increasing union power and revenues from dues. It is not about more freedom for workers, but less. It is not about picking your union or having a union. It is about taking power from the workers to be represented by those who fail to represent them.

Senator Merkley is NOT a friend of the worker. He is a tool of the unions bosses.

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