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Mar 4, 2009

Happy March Forth Unbirthday And the First Step of 12 for Government Spending Addicts

The first step to any Recovery is to admit you have an addiction. The Government needs to admit it is powerless over its spending and refer, with a referendum, the spending of the U.S. government to We, the People.

Today, March Fourth, 2009, Treasury Secretary Geithner in testimony before the Senate budget committee, was told by Senator Grassley a study shows the borrowing the Government is doing, the deficit, would be less if the government did nothing. Essentially, the Treasury, Geithner, said that report had to be wrong because it did not agree with the Administration. Senator Grassley said he expected the Treasury to make an assessment of that study and report back.

I emailed the following to Senators Grassley, Wyden, and Merkley:

"I wrote the following to Senator Grassley:
The markets went up after you asked those hard questions. Being retired, I have an interest in the market's effect and the time to watch.

One question I am interested in is when you said a study shows if the Government does nothing, then the deficits will be lower than what the Adminstration is claiming. You said you expected him to evaluate that and get back to you.

Everyone would like to know the answer to that question before piling on $1.8 trillion more into debt.

I want your answer to that question in real terms, not some glittering genealities in a form letter

Appropriations Ranking Senator Grassley:
Senior Oregon U.S. Senator Wyden:
Junior Oregon U.S. Senator Merkley:

So, if it disagrees with the Administration, it has to be wrong is the argument that must be dealt with first. The Administration (Obama), the Credit Card (Pelosi), and the Credit Manager (Reid) need to be ready to admit when the spending is wrong. The Government is not willing to tighten its belt as We, the People, are doing every day.

Another question to the Treasury was the claim that this Deficit will "save or create 3.5 million jobs." A Senator asked how the Government could be held accountable to prove that happened. That or create is impossible to prove or disprove. If 3.5 million more jobs are lost, the Government will claim the loss would have been 7 million.

It is like a drunk asking for $20 for three bottles of wine if they promise not to drink more. Then if they drink six bottles, they claim if We, the People, had not paid for three bottle, they would have drank nine. If that is confused thinking, then it is because the Treasury is confused by intoxication from spending.

Anyone could be confused by the spending. It is like Alice In Wonderland where Alice is at the Mad Tea Party celebrating their Unbirthday by with giving presents to themselves.

Tf you would like to email Congressman Wu please use this.

If you would like to email Congressman Walden please use this:

If you would like to emal Congressman Blumenauer please use this:

If you would like to email Congressman DeFazio, please use this:

If you would like to email Congressman Schrader, please usethis:

That last one is my representative. I have written him also and am expecting an answer from him. If I receive an answer from my "represenative" or our Senators, I will post that. If I do not, I will post that also. A progressive government only governs by the consent of the governed, We do not have a Progressive Government in that we can recall Representatives, Senators, or the President, so my recommendation is that you make your voice heard.

If those are not your Senators, go here.

if those are not your Representatives, go here.

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