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Mar 5, 2009

Democrats' Diversionary Tactics

The Federal government has no check on it from a vote of the people.

It is a Republican government in that we elect representatives from the States. When they spend our money, there is no referendum we are allowed to vote on it before it becomes law.

There is no process where citizens can make an initiative to propose law. We are completely at the whim of partisan politics. Voters cannot even recall a Federal elected official when they fail to represent those who voted for them.

Because of all that, all the economic power is being concentrated in the Federal government, including the incomes of individuals.

Now they are manipulating the media so we do not look at these things. They try to make Limbaugh or the "Fairness Doctrine" the issue.

Is that socialism? Or is that despotism?

The Obama Nation Today:

Jan.20,2009-Mar.05,2009 = -1643.53(-19.85%) Obama Presidency
Jan.26, 2009-Jan.21,2009= -2359.49(-22.29%) Bush Presidency

However, I do not want to give the impression that President Obama is the issue. Chairwoman Pelosi is. Every time President Obama parrots the Policies of Chairwoman Pelosi, the market takes a dive. As you can see, I have a suggestion for the proper placement of the Presidential Seal.

Power should NOT be in the hands of the House of Representatives. They do not represent the People and they are not responsible. The House of Representatives is where the power of the purse is. They have abused our credit and name in war and economics.

We cannot vote on laws there.
We cannot make laws to be voted on there.
We cannot vote to remove Representatives who fail to represent us there.

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