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Oct 1, 2009

More Thoughts On Health Care.....

People focus on what they have contact with and assume the problem is there. I looked up the profit margin on insurance companies. They go from 0% to 5%. I am with Regency BlueCross/BlueShield. They are a non-profit and I pay $476 per month for just myself. It is 15.3% of my income after taxes. That 15.3% is also the portion of our economy that health care costs.

Premiums go up because health care goes up. It goes up because people who are not insured are paid for by the hospitals and doctors. Guess who pays for it? Your insurance and you. Federal law forces hospitals to accept all comers for emergent medical care.

If you do not have property to lose in a medical bankruptsy from a car accident or treatment for a major disease, you might be correct about the lack of motivaton to be insured. Of course, you need not to want to buy a car or a house either because a bankruptsy means not having credit.
Obama'SCare will lead us by the nose into nationalization of health care. Like Medicare, it will tank after they have used the Public Option monopoly to destroy private health insurance.

People seem to forget the US Government is the largest corporation in the world and writes the regulations. Would you want General Motors running your health care? Do you remember that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are US corporations run by the government? Would you like them doing to health care what they did to the mortgages/housing bubble?

How many letters to you get from someone not at your address from the U.S. Postal Service? Would you like them delivering your medications? How about the IRS? Would you like them determining your eligibility for medical treatments?

What throws me is how the proposed "Health Choices Administration" is going to be under the Treasury with tax collecting functions.

HR 2502 is on the surface an apportionment of taxes for health care research. However it also funds communication between health care providers - which will include your medical records. Whatever the Government funds, the Government has access to by law.


Sure. Use the Google financial. They list the ones on the stock exchange.
I would start with UnitedHealth Group . They are the largest in the US, I believe.
Wellpoint is a big one in California.
Tenet Health Care is one in the mid range .

The Blue Cross/Blue Shield collection are essentially non-profits. Of that one example is:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is Michigan's leading health benefits organization, serving some 4.7 million members residing in the state or employed by companies headquartered there. The company's insurance offerings include traditional indemnity, PPO, and POS plans, in addition to its Blue Care Network HMO plans. It also offers consumer-directed Flexible Blue plans paired with health savings accounts, as well as options for individual buyers and Medicare beneficiaries. The not-for-profit organization is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
There is a WHOLE LIST of those.

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