national debt

Oct 6, 2013

My experience with the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," AKA "Obamacare."

I have to say this "ACA" is less reputable for its claim of making health care affordable. Here is the scam of Obamacare.

 In my case, I was paying a $750 deductible and about $750 a month for insurance. Since my Providence healthcare is mandated to comply with the ACA, now I have a $2,500 deductable with my $750 a month insurance premium.

THEREFORE, I am going to have to pay an extra $1750 a year to get the same benefits. Not only that, but my costs at least doubled after the requirement that my insurance company was forced to accept members who had prior conditions and did not see fit to pay for insurance BEFORE they got sick.

Further, there is too much talk about data bases being combined to assure me my information will not be abused and my privacy violated just to prove compliance with the federal government and its various bureaucracies; starting with the IRS and the 100s of other committees created by this law.

I am John Lloyd Scharf, born 1951, and, because of cost increases imposed by Obamacare, have had to lose part of my benefit to take it at 62 instead of 66, when I would have been fully eligible for 100% of my benefits instead of 70%.

national debt

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