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Sep 19, 2013

Banned On Facebook - Political Comment on "Breitbart- One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened" Page

“You foolish American Infidels! Obama isn’t coming for OUR guns! Only yours! He is ARMING us for the JIHAD! See you soon!”  was at the base of a picture of Ali Beheshti, posing with a gun in this Metropolitan Police photo, who admitted conspiracy to endanger life. This was posted by a user on the Facebook page of Breitbart- One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened. 

ALL of the administrators of that page were logged out for violating the Terms of Service because one of their members uploaded a picture that offended the delicate sensitivities of al Qaeda terrorists. 

Ali Beheshti once paraded his baby in an 'I love Al Qaeda' hat. Now he has been sentenced to four and a half years for firebombing the home of the publisher of a novel about Mohammed. You have to wonder how this terrorist, who looks like actor Dominic Purcell with a beard, was able to get a handgun in the United Kingdom. 

However, most of all, why does Facebook allows a Jihadist Facebook named Fuck Israel

to publish violent comments against Israelis while banning an image that is actually a political statement about the Obama Administration. 


Republican Leaders in the Senate & House

Senator/ Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's official YouTube channel The official YouTube channel of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
Senator Jim DeMint's Official YouTube Account Following the November elections in 2006, the senator stood up against big spenders in Congress and stopped over 10,000 wasteful pork projects. Famed Washington journalist Robert Novak called him a "hero."He was recently ranked as the Senate's most conservative member by National Journal and as the No. 1 senator voting for responsible tax and spending policies by the National Taxpayers Union. DeMint understands the greatness of a country is found in its people and values, not in its government
Republican Leader of the House, John Boehner House Republican Leader and a staunch opponent of pork-barrel politics, John is fighting to eliminate wasteful spending, create jobs, and balance the federal budget without raising taxes. He has challenged Republicans in the 111th Congress to be not just the party of “opposition,” but the party of better solutions to the challenges facing the American people. Under the new House GOP leadership team John leads, House Republicans have formed “solutions groups” to develop principled alternatives on the issues that matter most to American families and small businesses, and launched the GOP State Solutions project, an initiative aimed at bringing reform-minded Republicans at the state and federal levels together to promote common-sense solutions from outside the Beltway.

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