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May 18, 2010

Who Desecrated My Flag?

It is your "unalienable right" to display your flag in any manner you see fit according to the Declaration of Independence. There was no flag when that was written.

In TEXAS vs. JOHNSON, the highest court in the land held that you can burn your flag. Given how this nation's flag has been desecrated by the violation of citizens' rights, burning this tainted flag is likely the most patriotic act you can commit.

It is the symbol of rights rather than the rights themselves.

When John Adams invoked the Sedition Act of 1798 to suppress the anti-Federalists, he spit on that flag.

Thomas Jefferson reniged on a government contract with Madison in MARBURY V. MADISON, being the first one to violate the Constitution with his aristocratic views as he trampled on that flag.

When Andrew Jackson invoked the Indian Removal Act of 1830, with a forced march of the Cherokees to Oklahoma to steal their homes, lands, and gold, he poured manure on that flag.

When the US Supreme Court held in DRED SCOTT V. SANDFORD that a "Negro" was not a person under the Constitution and had no rights, they wrapped that around bloody rags.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt invoked Presidential Executive Order 9066 to put the citizens of Japanese ancestory [yet not German] into concentration camps in Idaho, he drug that flag through a sewage canal.

People complain how a colored piece of clothe was treated and advocate the violation of those rights in the Declaration of Independence, they soil my military service. What makes our nation unique in the world is our laws protect political speech as a principle.

It is not a principle if it is not used in every case and you cannot convince me a flag or this republic protected those rights. It has been loud and contentious citizens revolting against the House of Misrepresentatives, the Senate of this Roman-like republic, the monarchy we call the President, and the Supreme Court MisJustices.

No mere common citizen can ever desecrate our flag like this republic has.

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